Fulfillment isn't fluff - it's SCIENCE!

Hey Ladyboss! It's been a while.I've missed you. But I've not been inspired by my content. Well, not enough to share....until today.

You've probably heard me say by now that I used to be a master achiever.

✅ win in sports ️

✅ win in  competitions

✅ dance  competitively

✅ earn the degree 

✅ marry 

✅ get the house 

✅ get the job 

✅ have (3) wonderful children 🏼 🏼 🏼

You know - achieve all the stuff culture, family and society tell us we need to. . . And then the realization I wasn’t happy. 

All this checking boxes ✅ was unfulfilling (apart from the kids...they are pretty darn awesome! ️)

Success without fulfillment is empty.

Why do we value achieving over being?

I was speaking at an event last week and I reflected on my success formula. Not only is this rooted in science (shocking I know!) but I live it (most days). Well, maybe it's more like my template or gold standard. We're all a work in progress! But without something to strive for, without using an approach we KNOW will bring greater success and fulfillment, we're left to google our way through life. That's no way to do (trust me - I tried for 10 years!).

So I want to share with you:

"Your Ladyboss Coach Success Formula"

(Oh, and if you're a science geek like me and WANT the science, let me know and I'll post it in the FB group for everyone to enjoy!)

1️⃣ Fun - do something every day that floods you with positive emotions!

2️⃣ Flow - lose yourself in something you love to do.

3️⃣ Connection - nurture and enjoy your relationships.

4️⃣ Purpose - find meaning in days.

5️⃣ Achievement - work hard at something you care about, reap the benefits and the feeling once you master it.

6️⃣ Well-being - move more, eat well, get enough sleep, be still and listen to the whispers of your soul.

What's one thing you're going to commit to paying more attention to? What stands out to you as something that's missing from your life? I'd love to know....so pop on into my private FB group and let's chat. I have all sorts of tips, strategies and tools I'd love to and be willing to share with you!


With Gratitude (sprinkled with badassery),



Louise Reid