Buy Some Happy (yes you heard me right!)

Life in this century is a fast-paced, consumer-oriented experience where media surrounds us at all times enforcing the idea that happiness is a matter of buying the bigger house, driving the best car, wearing the trendiest clothes. We are inundated with BUY YOUR WAY TO HAPPINESS.

Anyone ever buy a trendy or name brand over-priced item of clothing? (GUILTY AS CHARGED!) The kick we get out of purchases wears off fast. Spending on experiences however, such as tickets to a play, lift tickets to a ski hill you’ve never been to (the list goes on) rather than THINGS creates lasting contentment.

About 10 years ago for Christmas, my parents gifted me and my family a weekend getaway to an incredible indoor water park in Niagara Falls called Great Wolf Lodge. At the time my twins were 2 and my eldest was 4. My 4 year-old STILL talks about it but I can guarantee you that he doesn’t remember a single other gift my parents have given him over the years (sorry mum and dad!)

The fix? Stop buying stuff and start buying experiences! Small expenditures of money involving social interactions such as dining out, a manicure with friends, a spa weekend getaway with your best friends, or a day spent on the golf course are great ways to de-stress, have a great time, and create lasting memories. Pardon the cliche, BUT LIFE'S TOO SHORT (yeah, I just said that) to waste money on stuff. Unless it's shoes. Then buy the shoes.

Your challenge for the week? Think about and write down the experiences you want to have this season. Who with? And why? Then share it with the people you want to do it with. Easy as wink.

I'd love you to weigh in. Research says we should spend money on experiences, not things. That we should collect memories, not stuff. Do you agree?

Louise ReidComment