10 Tips to Nail your Podcast Interview!



That said, here are some tips, in no particular order, to help you feel comfortable AND showcase you and all your wonderfulness with the listening audience. Here goes...

1. Be YOU!

I like to say "life is live" and true to that, my radio show is live! The podcast that follows is simply a recording of that. I'm interested in YOU so that means keeping it real and cutting out the BS. Sure, your marketing materials and website should look polished and professional, but when you want to connect with a new audience, talk with me like we're friends chatting over coffee. Be real. Talk like a human, not a “brand”.

2. Check your audio

Have you ever listened to a radio station/show with crappy audio? No - me neither. I don't want this to happen to your show, so please connect with the computer/mic/headset (or not) you used during our pre-call. Make it easy for listeners to hear you and your message. They don't want to lose part of their hearing due to interference or feedback. Also be aware of where you mic is so you don't accidentally brush up against it (this can be an issue with ear buds). I'm not saying don't use buds - simply saying be aware of your mic.

3. Remove distractions

This includes turning your phone off or putting it on silent, putting pets out of earshot so their lovely barks and purrs won't be picked up by the mic.

There's really no elegant way to put this, so here goes. Please go pee before the show! (Just trust me on this one. I speak from experience).

4. Nature Calls...

You know what they say about laughter being the best medicine? Well, let's spread it. Laugh when you feel the urge - it's contagious! Not only will it make you feel better and more relaxed, you'll spread it to the listeners and connect more with the audience. We

5. Laugh!

There are no "wrong" answers, so let the stress melt away and don't try to be perfect. Stumble over your words? See tip #5. Forget your train of thought? See tip #5. Speaking like yourself will be far better than trying to sound like someone else and make you far more relatable to the audience. BONUS: If you really want to go above and beyond, use the host’s name when you answer the questions.

6. No wrong answers

What's your regular morning routine? You know the one that when you do it consistently you have a kick-ass day....do that the morning of your live show! It will set you up for success.

7. Do your regular thing

I know you are amazing and that your product or service has SO much value to add to this world. That's why I love you and want you on my show! But the way to get people to want to buy is by being someone they like and trust; someone who interests them. So be that. And don't worry, there will be plenty of time before we end the show to talk about what you do and how people can get hold of you.

8. Don't sell

Think about your "why" and your story. What are the obstacles you've overcome in your life? Who has helped you along the way? What or who inspires you? You know when you've been asked the interview question "tell me about yourself"? That's all the good stuff I want to hear! Don't worry - there will be plenty of opportunity for you to talk about your product or service, but people want to know about YOU - the person behind the product. It's way more interesting! 

9. Prepare your message

Have a listen to one (or two!) of my podcasts to get familiar with my style. 


10. Listen to one of my podcasts