Corporate Clients


As an experienced human resources leader, coach, and leadership development consultant, Louise empowers people and organizations to improve performance by “bringing back the human”.

Louise consults privately, facilitates workshops, and speaks at conferences, team and corporate events. Working closely with leadership teams and individuals through customized training and coaching, Louise’s passion is to in educate and empower leaders to create business success through humanized leadership - an approach that integrates head & heart; profits & people.

What Louise is Known For:

  • Coaching leaders at all levels, experienced leaders and those new to the role, to elevate their impact as a leader.

  • Designing & facilitating engaging leadership development training & workshops. Participants leave both inspired AND with tangible actions and tools to put into practice in their lives and workplaces.

  • Women in Leadership program expertise, leveraging the latest research and best practices.

  • Her knack for creating caring connections and inspiring lasting change in others, both in mindset and action.

  • Authenticity, openness, and kind candor. (She’s been told the British accent helps!)

Want to know Louise’s formal, smarty-pants credentials?

Quite simply, Louise has a passion for the intersection of people and business. Leaders and workplaces have a challenging and important job - to make profits through people. In a time where the demands at work are requiring us to do more, with less, and do it faster, the role of leadership is more important than ever before. Blending positive psychology, science & heart, Louise is helps workplaces “awaken” and implement people-based strategies to achieve profits. Humanizing leadership is her jam!


Louise has over 20 years experience leading the development and implementation of HR solutions in support of key business challenges. This professional journey has woven through various work environments, both unionized and non-unionized, within start up, medium and large companies. In addition, Louise has broad industry experience having worked in a variety of sectors - utilities, aviation, pharmaceuticals, and high tech. 


Louise has a passion for people and in building healthy, diverse, engaged, and successful organizations people can thrive in. At the heart of it, Louise aligns corporate values, strategy, process and people. This is achieved through consulting engagements, coaching & keynotes.


Louise holds a Bachelor of Science degree, Is a Certified HR Leader, holds certificates in Coaching, Facilitation, and Wellness & Lifestyle Management.  In addition, she earned certificates in a variety of individual and team assessments (E.g. EQi 2.0, HBDI, PPA - a DiSC assessment tool). She is a member of the Human Resources Professional Association in Canada and of The Canadian Positive Psychology Association.


Louise is a lifelong learner, taking courses and certifications, watching TedTalks, listening to podcasts, and reading. It’s part of her DNA and what enables her to continue to help organizations evolve in this ever-changing business landscape. Next on the horizon? A Masters in Positive Psychology.