Personal Coaching for Working Moms
Louise H Reid, Your Ladyboss Coach

Louise H Reid, Your Ladyboss Coach

Are you ready for MORE in your life? Have a yearning to be more, do more, have more - more of the right things? It comes from your core; a sense of knowing you are destined for something greater or different. I see you. I hear you. I know you. You are rising. This is your time.

Louise works 1-on-1 with clients to help women (re)discover their identity, explore exciting possibilities, lean into their confidence, and take aligned action. Louise’s hybrid coaching approach combines individual reflection, 1-on-1 coaching, and accountability to make game-changing transformations!

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.
— Oprah

You Desire:


  • A sense of purpose, a connection to something bigger than you.

  • A happy, FUN marriage or relationship (yes that is possible!)

  • A fulfilling job that you love (most days!).

  • A passion for life again (when did that stop anyway).

  • Balance and calm (no more running on the treadmill of life!)

  • Clarity about what really makes YOU happy.

  • A life that has you energized at the end of each day (instead of depleted).

  • Time freedom for fun and travel (isn’t that what you’ve been “ladybossing” for?)

  • Personal boundaries.

  • Support and accountability to help get you to where you want.

The Problem is:

You’ve been putting other people’s needs above your own for years now, going through life on autopilot as you finished your schooling, started a job, and started "adulting"! You know it’s time to hop off the treadmill of life and to starting living a life of purpose, positivity and passion without having to sacrifice what you've worked so hard to achieve.  



Maybe you:

Are at a crossroads in your relationship and are trying to figure out if you stay or go.

Want a job that's rewarding, fulfilling and aligned with your values, but where to start?

Feel like you've lost yourself over the years and are unable to identify what you even want.

Want more discipline & accountabiilty in accomplishing your goals.

Want help identifying your purpose in life and how to live it out.

Are generally unfulfilled in life and simply don’t know where to begin.


 The nature of coaching creates the space for exceptional shifts and transformations.  While the internet is a great source of information, it can be overwhelming and difficult to understand what applies to you and how to integrate it into your life. And let's be honest, we often can't see the forest for the trees! A coaching partnership brings all sorts of amazing benefits: new ideas, confidence and accountability, exact strategy to reach your goals in the shortest amount of time, keeps you out of overwhelm, doubt, and fear.  And coaching is FUN! You've got an ally in your life and business. If you feel stuck, blocked from feeling joy, strapped for time, unhappy or trapped in your job or marriage and bewildered on how to get to happy, it’s time to change. We’d love to talk with you and together explore how to design and create a life you love!

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.
— Unknown

I’m happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place!  No need to read another book or ask for other people’s opinions.  You can stop hoping things will magically improve on their own or stressing about your future because I’m here to share it all with you!  I will walk you through it step-by-step.  

As Your Ladyboss Coach, my greatest gift is helping women what they cannot see themselves. I provide connection and support and share practical tools, enabling you to design your way to a life of purpose, success, and fulfillment.

And perhaps most importantly, I know what you’re going through right now.  I’ve been there.

For me this life transformation journey started 15 years ago, when I was newly pregnant.  I decided this was the time in my life for change (like becoming a parent wasn’t enough!).  I was going to listen to my “gut”. I was going to pivot my career to do something I was passionate about; something more aligned with my values and involved helping women. The truth is, that never came to be.  It was only the beginning of my journey.

Always the optimist, I wasn’t deterred. Shortly after baby #2 and #3 came along (yes twins!) I continued on my trial-and-error journey of getting “unstuck” to find the freedom, balance and joy I was longing for.  I continued juggling work, business travel, study and family (not to mention all those others stresses of life like financial struggles, divorce, major illnesses, industry downturns, and changing jobs). All the while, I kept learning, growing, adding to my tool kit in hopes of finally being able to get it right and rid myself of the knot in my stomach that was telling me I was missing something.

Fast forward a few years, a mum now to 3 boys (awesome!), I was working full time as a Manager in Human Resources (ho hum) and was a wife (to a man who later became my ex).  From the outside I had it all.  I had the picture perfect life that others envied - an amazing job, a husband and wonderful children, a supportive family, health, house, and financial stability.

My wish for you is that you rise each morning with a sense of excitement about the day ahead, to enjoy the relationships that matter most, to achieve your more.  I want you being and becoming fully, unapologetically you

I buckled down, got real, and got honest with myself.  I was raw and vulnerable.  It was scary what I found, but I couldn’t go back.  I did the research, did lots of reflection (wow that can be hard!) and along with my professional expertise and formal education, I managed to piece it all together. Finally I knew what I needed to do.  Now the even tougher part - taking action.  


I completely transformed life.  Wow!  Now THIS is living. I feel balance, excitement, and JOY!  I found the love of my life  (yes online dating does work!), have the 4 children I knew I’d always have (love the blended family!) and left my secure job to pursue my dream job.  I’m engaged in meaningful work and am making a difference to women - one conversation at a time.  The bonus?  It's all from my own home, providing me the life balance I've been searching for.  I'm doing work I love every day and I'm available to my school-aged boys for the little things.  I see them off to school in the morning and to welcome them home at the end of the school day.  Simple pleasures. And what allows me to enjoy this to its fullest is that I had the clarity, confidence and courage to leave an unhappy marriage and find my soulmate. (And this is coming from someone who never believed in soulmates before I met this man!)

I had been asking myself all the wrong questions for years!  I now have the formula - a process and a set of tools - to show other women who are struggling in their lives and marriages how they too can create a life they love.  


Well that’s easy! It goes back to the dream I had years ago – of helping women. That’s what I care deeply about.  I want to see you transform your life in a way that’s right for you so you can experience the true joy life has to offer.  To choose and nurture relations that are deep, joyful, rich and wonderful. To contribute to the world through your work in a way that is meaningful to you. But when we’re “stuck” we don’t see and feel the richness as often or as deeply, if at all.  

My wish for you is that you rise each morning with a sense of excitement about the day ahead, to enjoy the relationships that matter most - those with your partner and your kids.  But when you're stuck in a marriage that has grown stale or stagnant, you can't enjoy any of it. I want you living the life you designed and one you love.

Many women believe they should be able to figure this out on their own, so they try a DIY approach (guilty as charged).  But the truth is, there's a long list successful women who have enlisted the support of a coach to transform or reboot their lives, including Oprah, Nia Long, and Serena Williams.

IT’S YOUR TURN!  I don’t want you doing what I did, struggling for years trying to figure it out with the DIY approach, throwing money away and suffering unnecessarily. 

What can I expect from coaching?

During this premium 12 week program, you'll be guided step-by-step to create lasting and remarkable life shifts which will help you in your every aspect of your life. You’ll transform how you look at your life and how you live it.  Many people try their whole lives to achieve this. Don’t let that be you!  

By the end of our time together you’ll look back and wish you had done it sooner. You'll reconnect with who you are (even though you may feel lost right now) and have so much clarity and confidence you'll be able to answer the questions and uncertainty you've you've been grappling with for too long. You will have developed habits of happiness and hold in your heart, your mind and your hand the life of your dreams.  

My clients work with me because of my passion, my energy and my edge.  My kind candor and honest approach inspires action, belief and change (I’m also told my English accent helps!).  I am brave, bold and happy and my clients benefit from this, learning to open up to themselves and to manifest courage and a bias to action.  The result? 

Clarity + Confidence + Roadmap = Powerful, Aligned You!


Your most important takeaways will be:


This first phase is about reflection. Uncover and re-connect with what matters most, what makes YOU happy. Consider what success means to you Identify the "big rocks" in your life and how are you spending your time. Think about your dreams and aspirations. Discover the activities you engage in regularly that fuel you (and those that deplete you). The The result? You’ll re-connect with who you are at this stage of your life and have clarity on what you want. You’ll have a direction - an inner GPS - and the clarity to put the GPS coordinates in the right direction.


The second phase is about renewal and possibilities. Discover how attitude, gratitude & money can make you happy and explore how to hear (and leave behind) the sabotaging self-talk that keeps you stuck where you don’t want to be. A re-framed way of looking at problems, solutions, life challenges will create such a shift that launching your life forward will eventually come more easily and naturally.  You will also play a little (when did we stop doing that anyway?) and explore different life design options. The result? Confidence, resilience, life's exciting possibilities, and the mindset to chase it.  


The third phase is about making it happen. Up to this point you have spent a lot of time and exploration getting clear and getting mentally reset.  You will have clarity on who you are and what you want in your this next chapter of your life. Now it’s time to live it.  You will be full of eagerness and excitement as you have the blueprint from which to determine the steps you need to take, who in your life will support you, and the mindset to go out and get it. In the end you’ll have a beautifully well-designed life uniquely created by none other than YOU. One that will give you the freedom, fulfillment and fire you’ve been yearning for.

Over 12 weeks with me, you’ll get:

* BREAKTHROUGH EXERCISES & LEARNING MATERIALS – You will receive weekly exercises and learning materials in a modular format as you progress through the program.  Each workbook contains background reading, exercises, and reflection questions - these are game changers and truly will transform your life. Weekly, new materials will be available to you - it's a journey that I’ll guide you through.  This is where the magic starts!

ONGOING SUPPORT - You will be able to connect directly with Louise through email for the duration of the program.  If you’re struggling between coaching calls or have a simple question that needs a quick answer, send an email to and you'll get a response within 24 hours.

WEEKLY CALLS – You will 12 three private, 60 minute calls with Louise. Together we will walk through your learnings, questions, and insights from the modules OR whatever topic is relevant to you that you require support with. The calls are critical to help you really connect with what you’re learning, to move forward, and to hold you accountable.  This is 100% all about YOU!

* RESULTS - You can expect awesome results! Coaching clients have gone on to change careers, manifest romantic relationships, get and stay fit, clear financial fears and create abundance in every area of their lives. Expect miracles and be unstoppable!



There’s a lot of value in this one-of-a-kind premium coaching program.  Read on or contact me for more information.

  • Monthly one-on-one Power Check-In coaching calls.

  • Powerful learning content and life-changing exercises.

  • Weekly live group calls exclusive to current program participants.

  • Access to Louise and her team for the duration of the program.


Develop habits of happiness, breakthrough and elevate with psychology-based tools and exercises, transformational coaching, and the powerful support of sisterhood.

BONUS #1: A Personalized Welcome Package

Who doesn't love getting mail?  I’ll send you a special, personalized package with a few treats & surprises as a “thank you” because we all need a little TLC.  This welcome package, mailed straight to your home, will also help you get started and feel supported on this journey because you’re never alone!

BONUS #2: Referral Bonus

When I have an amazing experience or use an awesome product, I like to share! When you get results, why not share with a friend? For each woman you refer who signs up to work with me, I’ll immediately show my gratitude by sending you $250. Everyone wins!

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What Makes This Program Different?

This is not your average life coaching program.  To create this unique, custom program I used my own life experience and put it in a blender with my corporate coaching experience, Human Resources expertise, passion for health and well-being, and current research on positive psychology and believe it or not, the engineering design process!  From this I designed a process that will help you discover who you are on the inside, get clear on the things you want, and give you the tools to make it happen! Sprinkled in there will be hard work (a lot of it), some sweat (and perhaps some tears) and a lot of growth and laughter.  After all, laughing is one of my favorite things to do and isn't it the best medicine?

My Promise To You

In these three months, you’ll get more than great information. If information was what you were searching for you would simply read a book or search the web!

Our promise to you is a transformation! (How does THAT sound?)

  • A clear vision of who you are at this stage of your life.

  • Uncover your life's purpose and deepest values (and why this matters).

  • Align your passions, purpose, career, and relationships.

  • Identify (and banish) the self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours.

  • A permission and plan for self-care and being present in your life.

  • A process and tool for goal setting that works wonders so that you take consistent brave, bold action in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

“Connection is why we're here; it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives." ~Brene Brown


  • Aren’t ready to be true and honest with themselves.

  • Are only curious but uninterested in making changes.

  • Believe she just simply needs the information; that the rest she can do on her own.

  • Are not willing or prepared to dedicate time and energy to learn and apply the shifts.


  • Are ready for change and for action.

  • Need balance in their lives and are ready to get it.

  • Desire joy and believe they deserve a way to make it happen.

  • Are willing and open to THINKING and DOING differently.

  • Are ready to feel fulfilled and "rocking it" in their personal and professional lives!



Q: When does the program start?

A: Program enrolment is ongoing because this is private, 1-on-1 coaching however, there are limited spots available. We can discuss this during your discovery call.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: Yes, absolutely! Costs are slightly different however due to the increased administration costs. We can explore this further and what works best for you after our discovery call.

Q: Do you speak at corporate events and retreats?

A: I LOVE to connect with others and share what I can with audiences. Please contact me at and let’s see how to make it happen.

Q: I have more questions! How can I reach you?

A: I’m full of questions myself! I encourage you to book a discovery call to get all your questions answered.

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